About the conference

QIs the conference organized in an in-person or on-line format?
AThe conference is organized as an in-person event. All participants will be required to be at the conference site, which is Sogang University, Seoul, Korea, in person.
QWhat language is the conference in?
AThe official language of the conference is English. We are unable to provide translations outside of one or two main events, including the keynote speech. However, if you are considering using translation services at your own expense, contact us at conference@memorystudiesassociation.org. Please note that you will be responsible for all of the logistics, including preparing and setting up the necessary equipment and facilities and arranging the travel and accommodations for the translators.
QWhere can I find the newest information about the conference?
AAll updates can be found on our main page, as well as on our social media. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
QCan I post about the conference on my social media?
AYes, you can! If you do so please be mindful and use the hashtag #MSA2022Seoul.
QI have not received any confirmation emails. What should I do?
APlease check your SPAM folder. Otherwise, contact us at conference@memorystudiesassociation.org.


QHow do I register?
AThe Registration page will be made available in time for the submission deadline. More details will be posted soon.
QI am not an MSA member. How do I participate in the conference?
AIt is MSA policy that each annual conference is attended by members only. Visit MSA's website to read more about becoming a member. https://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/membership-levels-2/. Presenting participants are required to be a member of the MSA and to pay the conference registration fees.
QHow can I become an MSA member?
ATo read more about becoming an MSA member please visit MSA's website: https://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/membership-levels-2/.