Please note that the MSA 2022 Seoul is an IN-PERSON conference. All presenters are required to travel to Sogang University, Seoul, Korea, to attend the conference. There are three types of proposals to this year's conference: Panel, Roundtable, and Individual Paper. The MSA especially encourages panel proposals, though those for other formats are also welcome. Please consult the session formats below:

A panel should, in principle, consist of four presenters, a chair, and optionally a discussant. The participant may appear as a presenter only once but can serve as a chair or discussant in more than one session. The chair introduces the panel, each author, and the discussant, and manages the time for each presentation. The authors present their papers allowing adequate time for discussant feedback and audience discussion after all papers have been presented.
A roundtable is expected to provide an in-depth examination of specific topics, research projects, or books. Four to five panelists participate in a roundtable, which may include a chair who introduces the panelists, provides a general introduction to the topic, and moderate the discussion and Q&A from the audience. The focus of a roundtable is on the discussion and interaction among panelists. The participants therefore need not prepare formal presentations, though they may use PowerPoint or other visual aids.
We also accept and encourage individual paper submissions but will give preference to full panel proposals. Please note that individual paper submissions will be placed into themed panels with other, separately submitted components by the conference organizers.

The abstracts for panels, roundtables, individual papers, as well as for individual papers within a panel, should not exceed 250 words. When you are submitting a proposal, please read the instructions carefully and adhere to the rules provided.

Proposal submission is not supported on mobile or tablet devices.

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