About MSA

The Memory Studies Association (MSA) is an international academic association for memory studies scholars in the humanities and social sciences and practitioners of ‘memory work’ (e.g., artists, writers, museum curators, activists, victim organizations). The objective of the MSA is to provide a global scholarly forum for memory studies scholars – through its annual conferences as well as other academic events. 

The field of memory studies has grown considerably over the past decade but does not yet have many clearly designated venues for exchange of ideas among scholars from different disciplinary and theoretical backgrounds. Moreover, while the issues of memory and remembrance are being investigated around the world, there is little interaction (and thus, often a lack of understanding) across national and regional boundaries. The MSA hopes to bring a change to this by actively identifying and inviting scholars and practitioners who are thus far underrepresented in existing scholarly networks. The MSA also seeks to foster politically and civically engaged scholarship by publicly voicing concerns about political uses of the past. 

If you want to learn more about the MSA, please visit its website (https://www.memorystudiesassociation.org)